Levi Holley Dip.T.M
Sports Massage Therapist
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(24 years Sports Massage experience)

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Sports Massage Auckland

Sports massage plays an important part in the life of any sportsperson whether they have an injury or not. Sports massage not only gives you physical benefits but psychological benefits as well.

Sports Massage can:
• Prevent injuries and loss of mobility/flexibility
• Restore mobility to injured muscle & connective tissue
• Boost athletic performance
• Extend the overall life of your sporting career
• Reduce and eliminate pain

Sportsperson or not you can benefit from Sports Massage.

If you're not currently involved in sport you may be still looking for a deep tissue style massage. Whether your sports injuries are a few hours old or a few decades old, your pain and discomfort can still be treated. You will leave your treatment refreshed, more mobile and with the knowledge to maintain and prevent further injuries.