Levi Holley Dip.T.M
Sports Massage Therapist
Call 021 278 74 72
(24 years Sports Massage experience)

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Levi Holley Dip.T.M

Levi trained at the New Zealand College of Massage in 1995 where he gained a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage. He specialised in Sports Massage and completed all stages including advanced levels. Since that time he has been treating and training athletes both in New Zealand and around the world.

Levi is a qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach, NZ Defence force Medic and is highly trained in sports nutrition and exercise science.

Whether you're a professional or recreational athlete, Levi can help you achieve your sporting goals. Even if you no longer compete or maybe never have, your body will still respond to a professional therapeutic massage.

If your pain, lack of mobility or lack of strength is holding you back from performing at your best you need to take the right steps to correct the situation. Booking in for a professional sports massage and assessment could be that right step for you.

Levi Holley